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Home Accessories

Care is keeping up. That’s why our accessories help your kitchen and laundry appliances run smoothly for the many years of caring ahead. From knobs to bulbs, from installation kits to paint, keeping your Whirlpool® parts and accessories up-to-date means your home appliances will continue to give back what you put in.

Washer and Dryer Accessories

Washer & Dryer Accessories

Installation kits, dryer racks and organizers, venting parts and more help keep your laundry room humming and your household tidy.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories make cooking and caring possible. Keep the most important room in the house running smoothly with our wide variety of kitchen accessories including bulbs, panels, organizers, cleaners and more. Installation kits, panels, dish-racks repair parts, detergents and touch-up paint. 

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Refrigerator Filters

Refrigerator Water Filters

EveryDrop™ water filters reduce the most contaminants1, transforming your refrigerator into a fountain of freshly-filtered ice and water, every day.

Specialized Appliance Cleaning Products

Whirlpool® accessories make your home a more welcoming space for year-round care. Give your appliances the specific clean they deserve with cleaning solutions designed to deliver from affresh® specialized cleaners.

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1Filters 1-4 only. Filters 1,2 & 4 based on NSF rated 6-month refrigerator filters flowing .75 gpm - .80gpm. Filter 3 based on NSF rated 6-month refrigerator filters flowing .50 gpm - .60 gpm.