Care Can Be Messy.

Care can be messy. That’s why our Cabrio® laundry pair with Intuitive Touch Controls gives you customized care for any mess. Explore the features on our Cabrio® washer and dryer that help you expertly care for your family’s clothes.

Top Load Laundry Features


Speaking Your Language

We innovated our controls so you don’t have to be a laundry expert to get customized care at home. With Intuitive Touch Controls on the Cabrio® washer, you simply select what to wash and how to wash it, to give your fabrics the perfect cycle for the perfect clean.

Care Beyond Compare

No two loads of laundry are exactly the same. That’s why our Adaptive Wash Technology adjusts water levels and wash actions for every load. Active Bloom wash action thoroughly saturates clothes and gently moves them from the outer rim to the center of the basket, so fabrics get a deeper, gentler clean.


Brighten Your Day

Give your most vibrant colors the care they need with our ColorLastoption on the Cabrio® washing machine. It uses a precise combination of wash action, gentle temperatures and time to keep colors looking exceptional.

Sensing Your Needs

Over drying can damage your clothes. That’s why our Cabrio® dryer's Advanced Moisture Sensing uses interior sensors to monitor heat and moisture levels and automatically ends the cycle when your clothes are perfectly dry.


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