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Exclusive homecare sponsor of Magnusmode in Canada

Together, with the help of MagnusCards®, we can work toward making everyday chores around the home more accessible for autistic and neurodiverse people, so they can live with greater independence and inclusion.

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What is MagnusCards®?

MagnusCards® by Magnusmode is a free, award-winning app designed to assist autistic and neurodiverse people to gain independence in their daily lives. Through a combination of step-by-step instructions and positive reinforcement, MagnusCards guides the user through everyday experiences with digital ‘Card Decks’.

Using proven educational methods and visual instructions, every Card Deck is carefully crafted to explore realistic scenarios to help remove barriers and support inclusive living.


Our commitment to helping families thrive

We believe that helping you care for your loved ones is the most important thing we can do. This is why we partnered with Magnusmode to create 10 new Homecare Card Decks to help break down and simplify common kitchen and laundry tasks. These Card Decks cover practical life skills such as loading the dishwasher, how to store and organize food in the refrigerator, washing clothes in a washer, how to read laundry symbols, and more. 

Loading the Dishwasher
Washing Clothes in a Washer
How To Read Laundry Symbols
How to Organize and Store Food in your Refrigerator

Not only are there Card Decks designed to support users with practical life skills, we have also created instructional videos to help provide clear and visual guidance.

How to clean your fridge

How to Load your Dishwasher

How to Clean your Microwave

How to Use your Microwave

How to Organize and Store Food in your Refrigerator

How to Clean your Stovetop

This not only deepens our commitment to helping families thrive, but it is also an exciting opportunity to ensure that simple acts of care continue to have the power to make the world more accessible.

Download the free MagnusCards app from the App Store or Google Play

Download the free MagnusCards app from the App Store or Google Play

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