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Every meal you cook, every dish you wash, every shirt you clean – every act of care you give helps the people you love become people who love. That’s why we hope we can help you care for the ones you love, every day.

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  • Clean clothes = better attendance rates

    Clean clothes = better school attendance

    School administrators have found that students having clean clothes to wear is known to improve attendance rates.

  • Family dinners improve childhood vocabulary

    A family that eats together, grows together

    Researchers have found evidence that conversation at family dinners can improve a child’s vocabulary even more than reading to them.

  • Family dinners make us healthier.

    Family dinners make us healthier

  • Sharing chores makes society stronger

    Working together makes us stronger

    Research has shown that everyday chores, like cooking and cleaning together, lead to healthier marriages and children growing up to be more successful adults.

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    Helping Families Thrive

    Helping to Build Hope

    Over 500 Whirlpool® employees have worked with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for families in need. To further our commitment, we’ve donated a range and refrigerator to every Habitat for Humanity home built in North America since 1999.

    Habitat For Humanity
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