Care can be messy

Intuitive Touch Controls help you get laundry done by choosing the settings for you.

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Intuitive Touch Controls

His pants got dirty sliding into home
Her comforter is covered in treats from last night’s sleepover
There’s an a.m. meeting and your best shirts are in the hamper
It’s date night but your favorite jeans are a mess
You spilled on your favorite sweater
She’s worn her pink sweater all week


More top-load features for everyday messes

There's more to our washing machines and dryers than convenient touch screen technology.

Help stop stains from setting in

The built-in water faucet lets you prewash your clothes right in the washer, saving you time and hassle, and helping to keep stains at bay.


Washer and dryer pair with intuitive touch screens from Whirlpool.
Whirlpool touch screen washer with in-washer faucet.
Touch screen washers and dryers from Whirlpool get laundry done right.
Discover top-of-the-line features on our touch screen washer and dryer set.

Keep clothes looking newer longer1

Adaptive Wash technology with Active Bloom wash action adapts water levels and wash actions based on your load type for improved fabric care.

Helps prevent overdrying

Advanced Moisture Sensing uses built-in sensors and adapts drying times, helping to prevent overdrying and delivering optimal care for your clothes.


Avoid over drying with touch screen dryers from Whirlpool.
Trust the advanced technology in our touch screen dryers to meet your needs.

Top washer picks to keep your clothes looking their best

Care for your favorite clothes with intuitive touch controls on Whirlpool® washers and dryers with touch screen

Touch screen washing machines and dryers from Whirlpool take the guesswork out of laundry. By pairing our powerful washers with intuitive touch screen and Adaptive Wash technology, Whirlpool lets you clean items like:

  • Sportswear
  • Blankets
  • Jeans
  • Delicate or handwash-only items

Just select what to wash, how to wash it, and then push start. Adaptive Wash technology adjusts water levels and wash actions based on your load type for improved fabric care. Advanced Moisture Sensing in our touch screen dryers helps prevent overdrying with drying times that adjust automatically for each load. Browse our touch screen washers and dryers to see how Whirlpool makes it easier than ever to find the clean that fits your family’s needs.

1. Compared to our pre-2009 agitator washer.