Guide to Removing, Disposing, or Recycling Appliances

How To Remove and Recycle Appliances

You may need to replace an old appliance with one that better suits the new demands of your family as your living arrangements change. Considering your appliance removal and recycling options is important before you buy a new appliance. Fortunately, there are several options at your disposal to assist you. Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment. Taking a sustainable approach to appliance recycling can go a long way.

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How Can I Remove and Recycle My Appliances?

Where you live will determine your appliance removal and recycling options. Finding out what recycling options are available near you can be achieved by conducting some online research. In general, people should have at least one of these options:

Two men removing an appliance from a home. Two men removing an appliance from a home.

1. Appliance Removal or Recycling Services from Retailers and Manufacturers

Many retailers offer haul-away services for major appliances with purchases of the new appliances, either for free, as part of the service, or at a reasonable cost. Consult your retailer regarding options for disposal and recycling.

When you purchase a new appliance to replace an old one, ask about appliance recycling. As well as saving you time, these services will make sure your old appliances are handled properly at end of life according to local and provincial requirements. When you buy an appliance direct from Whirlpool Canada®, for example, you can request both uninstall and haul away options when making your purchase. They will swap out your old appliances with Whirlpool Canada® ones, so you can upgrade your home and continue on with your day.

Now is a good time for a new appliance, thanks to innovation that makes keeping up easier than ever. For example, conquer laundry day in less steps with the Load & Go™ feature on select Whirlpool® washers, that automatically adds the right amount of detergent to every load. Or complete all your laundry at once with a Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer like this one from Whirlpool® brand. You can even enjoy extra help in the kitchen with appliances like Whirlpool® Kitchen appliances that come with organization, flexibility and smart features to help you plan and prepare meals with ease.

2. Local, Regional or Province-Wide Appliance Recycling Programs

To ensure your new appliances are compliant with the laws and regulations in your municipality, we recommend checking out the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs and solid waste programs. The end-of-life recycling programs provided by EPR provide consumers with an easy and environmentally friendly way to recycle products. Appliances left at the curbside may violate local bylaws. Depending on your needs, municipalities can guide you on the best way to manage your options. Many are willing to pick up bulky items for a reasonable fee.

Consumers can recycle appliances in a safe and environmentally responsible manner through appliance recycling programs. There can be some variations in recycling programs, so always ask about details like appliance removal and hauling, fees, points of drop-off, etc.

3. Appliance Removal Services

Also available are services for removing appliances. This type of organization deals in recycling and disposal of old appliances and also removes junk from homes. They are sometimes referred to as junk removal companies or appliance/scrap metal collectors. Typically, scrap metal operations will accept old washers, refrigerators and other appliances, but before you drop them off, call in advance and confirm the service.

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