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Our most efficient dryer uses 73% less energy* with the Eco option. Now enjoying exceptional care for clothes while using less energy is easier than ever.

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Discover the most efficient dryer technology from Whirlpool with ventless clothes dryers

At Whirlpool, we’re constantly innovating to help you better care for your family’s needs. That’s why we designed the truly ventless, heat pump dryer. Ventless clothes dryers use hot air to draw moisture from your laundry and collect the evaporated water in a condensation tank. Popular in Europe, dryers without a vent are beginning to catch on in the U.S. due to their flexibility and energy efficiency. Since these dryers do not need to be hooked up to a vent sending used hot air outside, they can be placed almost anywhere in your home. Whirlpool ventless dryers are designed to fit a 33” installation depth and 39” height so they can be stored in closets or under counters. In addition to their convenient size, our ventless clothes dryers have a large drum capacity – 7.4 cu ft – so you don’t need to sacrifice the volume of your loads to gain versatility. They are also Energy Star® Qualified, operating at lower temperatures to save energy and reduce wear on your clothes, and using quad baffles for more balanced tumbling on large and small items. Compare dryers without vents to discover the benefits in how you care for your family’s clothing as well as carbon footprint. Or browse traditional vented dryers for high-performing, energy efficient solutions in a more conventional design.