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MSRP $2,799.99
Model #: WRF560SFHW
MSRP $1,849.99
Model #: WRFA32SMHN
MSRP $2,249.99
Model #: WRFA60SFHN
MSRP $2,049.99
Model #: WRF532SNHZ
MSRP $2,049.99
Model #: WRF560SMHZ
MSRP $2,049.99
Model #: WRF540CWHZ
MSRP $2,649.99
Model #: WRFA60SMHZ
MSRP $2,049.99
Model #: WRF767SDHZ
MSRP $3,399.99
Model #: WRV986FDEM
MSRP $3,999.99
Model #: WRFA35SWHN
MSRP $2,499.99
Model #: WRF560SEHV
MSRP $2,249.99
MSRP $2,599.99
Model #: WRF550CDHZ
MSRP $2,499.99
Model #: WRX735SDHZ
MSRP $2,899.99
MSRP $4,399.99
Model #: WRF560SEYM
MSRP $2,149.99
Model #: WRF535SWHZ
MSRP $2,399.99
Model #: WRX986SIHZ
MSRP $3,899.99

Keep your family’s food fresh with a French door refrigerator from Whirlpool

With stainless steel French door refrigeration designs and features like a temperature-controlled, full-width pantry, you have a great-looking fridge that holds everything you need – from everyday meal ingredients to party platters. Choose between French door refrigerators with in-door ice and water, an external refrigerated door, a standard three-door design and more, all with top Whirlpool features and technology. Whatever size, depth or color refrigerator you need, our French door options provide the space to store all your fresh and frozen food while bringing a touch of class to your family’s kitchen. Browse the full line of Whirlpool® French door refrigerator models to bring home the optimal combination of design and functionality in refrigeration.