We're here to help get your new Whirlpool® Smart Appliance Connected.

View the Whirlpool Corporation Smart Appliance Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.



1. Download the App

The first step to get your appliances connected is to download the app for your mobile device. The app will be your guide and walk you through all of the steps listed here. You can download the app by visiting either iTunes or Google Play by tapping on the buttons above.

2. Create an Account

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to create an account. This is so we can associate your appliances with you and give you the ability to view and control them remotely. This also allows us to send you notifications for important appliance events like when a cycle ends.


3. Connect to Wi-Fi

The app will walk you through the process of connecting your appliance to the wireless network in your home. Rest assured, Whirlpool will walk you through the process. If you prefer, view the manual connection steps.


4. Register Your Appliance

Once your appliance is connected, all we need to do is associate it with your account. We will tell you how to find its unique code so you can begin controlling it.



Download the App