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Whirlpool® Hoods

Fits and vents
like a hood1

Introducing the Low Profile
Microwave Hood Combination2
that fits and vents like a hood.

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Low profile MHCs from Whirlpool.

New Low Profile MHC

Boasts the best of both worlds; fits and vents like a hood1 while freeing up counter space.

Under-cabinet vent hoods from Whirlpool.

Under-Cabinet Hood

Allows proper ventilation while maximizing cabinet space.

Canopy range hoods from Whirlpool.

Canopy Hood

Wall-mounted and kitchen island range hoods deliver optimal venting with a larger surface area.

Downdraft kitchen ventilation from Whirlpool.

Liners & Blowers

Great solution for your custom range hood

Elevate your washer and dryer with laundry pedestals from Whirlpool. Elevate your washer and dryer with laundry pedestals from Whirlpool.

Get more from
your vent hood

The industry-first Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination1 fits where your under-cabinet hood does2 and offers a two-in-one solution for venting and cooking.

Kitchen hood features

Cut down on smoke, odours and even noise with easy-to-install range hoods.

Top ventilation picks to keep your
kitchen comfortable

Clear the air in your kitchen with ventilation systems from Whirlpool brand

Kitchens are where family and friends gather, so you don’t want lingering odours or loud vent hoods pushing people out. Whirlpool® kitchen ventilation technology clears the air quietly and efficiently, so you can focus on the conversations that matter. We offer a variety of range hoods that fit into classic or modern designs to match your style and have easy-to-clean components for simplified maintenance. We even have kitchen hoods with energy-efficient LED lighting. So whether you’re interested in downdraft kitchen ventilation systems or over-the-range hoods, we have the technology you need to breathe easy. Browse kitchen hood options today.

1. Based on 10.3 "height."
2. Based on 24" minimum install for under-cabinet hoods and Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination.
3. Based on typical installation with existing electrical and ventilation connections. Consult a professional installer to ensure your installation complies with code requirements.