A bunch of folded sheets packed together. Some are black with white polka dots and some are multi-colour

A guide to folding fitted sheets

We dare you to name a tougher task than folding a fitted sheet. Even when you try your hardest, you often end up with a messy bundle and the only solution is to shove it in your linen closet and hope that nobody notices.

Here’s the good news: folding a fitted sheet isn’t that hard if you know the proper steps. There’s even a method that’s pretty much fool-proof. 

If you’re ready to master the lost art of folding a fitted sheet, then keep reading to learn how. 

Do you have to fold a fitted sheet?

There are a few benefits to properly folding a fitted sheet:

  • Storing properly folded fitted sheets can save valuable closet space.
  • You can impress overnight guests.
  • Folded sheets are less likely to get wrinkled.
  • It’s much easier to organize your linen closet when sheets are nicely folded.

So, if you can handle the job, your linen closet will be more organized and your fitted sheet will look close to pristine whenever you need to use it.

Folding a fitted sheet: an 8-step guide

Someone cradles a stack of folded sheets Someone cradles a stack of folded sheets

Now, it’s time to really dig in. Get out your fitted sheet and follow these steps to neatly fold it. 

Before starting, keep in mind: 

  • It’s good to work with a freshly dried sheet.
  • It’s easier to fold when you’re standing. 
  • Make sure the sheet is inside out.

Here are the steps:

A diagram showing the first step to fold a sheet lengthwise. The four corners of the sheet are highlighted with circles
Step 1:

Hold the sheet lengthwise and find all four corners.
Step 2:

Hold the two adjacent corners of one of the shorter edges of the sheet.
A diagram showing the second step to folding a fitted sheet. Two of the adjacent corners are highlighted with circles
A diagram showing the third step to folding a fitted sheet. The top two adjacent corners are highlighted with circles
Step 3:

Place a hand inside each corner, right at the seams. Your hands should now be inside each of the top two corners.
Step 4:

Bring your right hand over to your left. Then, take the corner and flip the right corner over the left one. Take a second to align the corners. You know you’re on the right track if both corners are in your left hand.
A diagram showing the fourth step to folding a fitted sheet. The two fitted sheets are each folded in half
A diagram showing the fifth step to folding a fitted sheet. One fitted sheet is folded in half with the bottom right corner highlighted with a circle. The other fitted sheet shows one corner after its been pulled to the diagonal corner
Step 5:

Pick up the corner that’s adjacent to the corner that was in your right hand. Now, fold it over the other two corners.
Step 6:

Lift the last corner and fold it over the other corners. It should now be right-side out.
A diagram showing the sixth step to folding a fitted sheet. It shows the three steps to turn the sheet right side out
A diagram showing the seventh step to folding a fitted sheet. A folded fitted sheet with the edges squared off is on a grey flat surface
Step 7:

Find a flat surface. Lay the folded sheet on it and square off the edges.
Step 8:

Fold it until the sheet is your preferred size.
A diagram showing the final step to folding a fitted sheet. A folded sheet is on a grey flat surface. The folding process is complete

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