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What is a Combination Microwave?

As the name implies, a combination microwave combines the strengths of a microwave oven with the features of a traditional oven, allowing you to cook, grill, and sometimes steam your food. Basically, this device performs all the functions you would expect from a microwave and more. 

It is important to consider many factors when adding a combination microwave to your kitchen. In this article, we will help you understand how a combination microwave works so you can decide if it's right for you.

Combination Microwave VS Traditional Microwave

To decide whether to use a combination microwave or a traditional microwave in your kitchen, you need to understand how they differ.

Here are a few differences between a combination microwave and traditional microwave to keep in mind:

Whirlpool Combination Microwave Whirlpool Combination Microwave

Microwave-oven combinations include additional features over traditional microwave ovens and replace traditional ovens. Features such as roasting, broiling, grilling, and steaming can be included. Convection cooking is also available in some.

Whirlpool Traditional Microwave Whirlpool Traditional Microwave

Most traditional microwaves have fewer settings and are better suited to warming leftovers and heating frozen dinners than to cooking food from scratch.

Did you know Whirlpool offers both traditional microwaves and combination microwaves? Read on to learn which one may be right for you. 

How Each Works

Microwaves work by quickly heating up water molecules so that food can be heated. With combination microwaves, you get both, plus the ability to turn your microwave into a small oven.

Convection microwave ovens feature an additional heating element and fan that circulates air around the cavity, allowing you to bake and roast meals to perfection.

Inside a convection microwave oven Inside a convection microwave oven

How to Decide Which Microwave is Right For You

To help you decide, here are some questions to consider:

What do I need it for?
If you are looking to simply reheat leftovers or heat frozen meals, a traditional microwave will do the job.

Is it necessary to have a second oven?  
A  combination microwave can act like a second oven.  If you sometimes need to cook multiple dishes with different temperatures, you are able to do this simultaneously through the use of your full-size oven and a combination microwave.  

Is there enough space?  
Compared to traditional microwaves, combination microwaves require more space in your kitchen, so make sure you have enough room for them. For those living in small spaces, you could consider using a combination microwave in place of your traditional oven, since it takes up much less space. 

How much is my budget? 
As traditional microwaves have fewer features and less functionality, they're generally less expensive than combination microwaves. However, pricing varies by brand and model.

Which style do I prefer? 
Traditional microwaves and combination microwaves come in a range of different sizes, colours, aesthetics, and installation options (countertop, built-in, over the range, for ventilation, undercounter) so you can find whichever model is best for your needs.

Mother and daughter in kitchen Mother and daughter in kitchen

Whirlpool offers a low-profile combination microwave that allows that has a low profile design to help you save space. It comes in black, white and stainless steel and offers traditional microwave functionality, plus ventilation all in a sleek design.

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