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A Guide to Cooktop Dimensions

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen with a cooktop? Knowing their measurements is crucial. Our guide can help you get started.

The Dimensions of Cooktops

Boiling water on a Whirlpool cooktop Boiling water on a Whirlpool cooktop

Cooktops can help you make the most of your kitchen by allowing you to cook the way you want. You'll have the benefits of a stovetop without the bulk of an oven, which makes installation easier. Whether you are replacing an old cooktop or changing up your kitchen layout with a remodel, understanding cooktop measurements is essential. 

The dimensions of your cooktop can be determined by using our guide, so you can enjoy the right fit the first time.

What Are Common Cooktop Sizes?

You may be wondering: are all cooktops the same size? No. Standard cooktop sizes are usually matched to common cabinet widths: 30” and 36”. But, cooktops can range from a slim 15” - 24”, to larger 48” wide models depending on the number and size of burners, amount of trim, and more. Ensure that you choose a size that leaves plenty of space on either side for the counter. 

Whirlpool offers a range of cooktop sizes to accommodate everything from small, apartment-style kitchens to large islands where the whole family can gather.

Man cooking french fries on a Whirlpool cooktop Man cooking french fries on a Whirlpool cooktop

What is the Difference Between Cooktop Dimensions and Cooktop Cutout Dimensions?

A cooktop's appliance dimensions differ from the dimensions of the cutout needed to install it. The appliance dimensions shown in the above image are the length and width of the cooktop surface that sits above your countertop. The cutout dimensions are the length and width of the opening in the countertop needed for installation. In most cases, cutout dimensions are smaller than the appliance dimensions because cooktop surfaces extend beyond the cutout below for a more seamless integration with your countertops. 

It’s important to note that cutout dimensions can differ among models, even among cooktops with the same appliance dimensions. For example, a 30” cooktop model from one brand can have a cutout dimension that differs from another 30” cooktop model. Although this variation is usually no more than 1 ½”, it’s enough to affect whether a new model will fit an existing cutout. So knowing both dimensions is essential when shopping for a new cooktop, even if it's just a replacement for an old cooktop with the same dimensions.

How to Measure Cooktop Size

Whirlpool cooktop with five burners Whirlpool cooktop with five burners

If you are looking to replace only your existing cooktop without making renovations, measure your existing surface and the cutout to find a match.

To ensure you have enough counter space for your desired cooktop, check the appliance dimensions and the size of the cutout needed before completing a kitchen remodel.

Replacing an Existing Cooktop

Step 1: Take measurements of your existing appliance

To make sure that you get accurate measurements, first uninstall your cooktop.

Width: Measure the width of your existing cooktop by running a tape measure from the right outer edge, to the left outer edge of the cooktop surface. 

Depth: Measure the front-to-back depth of the cooktop surface, including the control panel. 

Step 2: Measure the cooktop cutout: 

Width: Measure the width of the cutout from the right edge to the left edge using measuring tape. Be sure to measure the cutout from the front and back, in order to ensure accuracy. Always go with the smallest dimension.

Depth: Measure from the front to the back of the cutout. Take two measurements: one closer to the right side, another closer to the left side. If there’s a difference, use the smaller dimension.

Cabinet Installation Instructions

Choosing a cooktop for your kitchen island can be a great choice, but if you intend to install it against a wall or between cabinets, you'll want to ensure you have sufficient clearance. You should always consult your product documentation for installation details specific to your cooktop model. Make sure to check your appliance's installation instructions or product guide to determine how much space you need between your cooktop and cabinets, walls, or other combustible materials.

Boiling water on a Whirlpool cooktop Boiling water on a Whirlpool cooktop

Consider the following clearances as well:

  • Upper cabinet dimensions: Measure the size of the upper cabinets on either side of the cooktop. Consider both cabinet depth and the distance from the cabinets to the countertop. 
  • Space above cooking surface: Check minimum clearances needed from the cooking surface to the bottom of cabinets or other combustible surface.
    Note: This will depend on whether or not you include a range hood or vent. If using, follow the hood or vent installation instructions for dimensional clearances above the cooking surface.
  • Distance between cooktop and wall: The surface of the cooktop to a wall or other combustible material also requires a minimum clearance.  Always check your installation guide for installation instructions specific to your unit.

Other Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Cooktop?

Along with a variety of sizes, cooktops can be customized with various options and features:

Ceramic cooktop red heating element Ceramic cooktop red heating element
Gas cooktop element with flame Gas cooktop element with flame
Electric cooktop element Electric cooktop element

Fuel Type
You can choose from gas, radiant electric, and induction cooktops in different sizes to suit the way you like to cook. For the best option for your kitchen, check your existing setup or what is required for a new one. Once you know which fuel source is best for you, browse gas cooktops or electric cooktops from Whirlpool.

Size and Number of Burners
In order to choose a cooktop that fits your space and your cooking needs, you will need to consider the number of burners and the size of the elements. A standard cooktop will usually feature four burners in various sizes to fit a range of pots and pans. Space-efficient two-burner cooktops let you fit a cooking surface just about anywhere. When cooking for a family, a five-burner cooktop allows you to simmer, saute, and boil simultaneously. Whirlpool even offers a cooktop featuring a removable griddle that can be used for grilling, grilling, and even searing meat.

Cleaning ceramic stovetop with sponge Cleaning ceramic stovetop with sponge

Features and Settings
Many features found on stovetops can also be found on cooktops. Smooth glass or ceramic tops that are either radiant electric or induction are often considered the easiest to clean. If you’re looking for convenient cleanup but prefer cooking with gas, select Whirlpool® cooktops feature EZ-2-Lift™ hinged, cast iron grates that provide instant access to the cooktop to quickly clean up splatters and spills. For extra flexibility, look for dual burners or dual heating elements to fit small and large pots alike. If you often prepare multiple dishes at once, look for a cooktop that has warming zones to help keep food warm while the rest is being prepared.

Learn More

After understanding more about the dimensions of cooktops, you may be considering one for your home. 

Ready to get started? Take the guesswork out of cooktop buying and find the one that is right for your family with our Cooktop Buying Guide.

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