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A Guide to Washing Weighted Blankets

A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket that many people use to help improve their sleep and reduce anxiety. 

If you have just added a weighted blanket to your sleep routine, but you’re unsure how to wash it, we have some good news: a weighted blanket can be washed in a commercial washing machine or by hand. You can even have it dry cleaned if necessary. 

Keep reading this guide to learn how to wash your weighted blanket.

Is it okay to wash a weighted blanket?

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Yes, it is! You can wash your weighted blanket in a large capacity commercial washer but only if it’s made from steel, glass or plastic beads. You also need to check the care tag to confirm that it's machine washable. 

If your blanket isn’t machine washable, you should follow the directions on the care tag to hand wash, spot clean or dry clean it.


It is strongly recommended that you only dry clean weighted blankets filled with natural fibres (sand, rice or beans).

Steps to machine wash a weighted blanket

If you’re planning to wash your weighted blanket in a commercial washer, it’s best to follow the below instructions.

You will need these supplies:

  • Swash® or another bleach-free laundry detergent
  • Stain remover 
  • Toothbrush or sponge (optional)


  • Commercial washing machine
  • Heavy duty drying rack 
  • Bathtub or large wash bin (if hand washing)
  • Dryer (optional)
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Step 1: Review the weighted blanket’s care instructions
The first step is to always review the care instructions provided for your specific blanket. This guide will help you understand what the tag symbols mean.

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Step 2: Remove blanket cover
Not all weighted blankets come with a blanket cover. But if yours does or you use a duvet cover, you should remove it before both pre-treating any stains and/or washing it.

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Step 3: Pre-treat stains
Use a stain remover on any visible stains on the blanket or cover. This will pre-treat them prior to machine washing.

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Step 4: Machine wash on a gentle cycle
If you’re using a commercial washer, make sure that it’s balanced evenly in the wash tub as this will produce the most efficient cleaning.

Select the gentle cycle and use cold water. Using hot water can damage your weighted blanket.

You also want to use a mild detergent and never use any bleach-based products or fabric softeners.

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Step 5: Dry your weighted blanket
Your best bet is to air dry your weighted blanket. A dryer isn’t off-limits, though. It can be used on certain blankets but you should first check the care instructions. If you put your blanket in the dryer, use either a no heat or low heat setting and remove it once the cycle is complete.

If you choose to go with air drying, hang your blanket on a heavy-duty drying rack with the weight evenly distributed. Another option is to lay the blanket flat on a clean surface.

How to hand wash a weighted blanket?

If you prefer to hand wash your weighted blanket, start by pre-treating any stains. The next step is to fill your bathtub or a large container with cold or lukewarm water and then add a small amount of mild detergent. Submerge the weighted blanket in the water and massage the beads for several minutes. Don’t forget to replace the water once it’s dirty. Lastly, wring out the excess water, being as thorough as possible, and then hang or lay it down to dry.

Dry cleaning a weighted blanket

There are some types of weighted blankets that are filled with a natural material like sand, rice or beans. These types should be exclusively dry cleaned. Your blanket’s care instructions will confirm if it requires dry cleaning.

How often does a weighted blanket need to be washed?

The frequency of washing your weighted blanket depends on how often you use it. If you use it every night, you should consider washing it every few weeks. 

Don’t forget that washing your blanket a lot can reduce its lifespan. A preventative measure you can take is to buy a protective or duvet cover to help combat wear and tear.

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