Helpful Built-in Wall Oven Shopping Guide

How to Decide Which Wall Oven is Right For You

Wall ovens feature intriguing design options for any kitchen. Because they’re built into a wall, they open up more counter space or create room for additional cabinets or undercounter appliances or allow you to cook in a more spacious environment.

Here are some key details to consider when shopping for a wall oven that can satisfy your cooking needs.

Wall Oven Overview

A typical wall oven can share some common features with ranges like bake, broil roast, convection baking, convection broiling, convection roasting, meat probes, timers and a delayed start function. WiFi connectivity is becoming an option in wall ovens. With WiFi connectivity, owners can remotely start, stop, modify the temperature and receive cooking notifications via an app developed by the manufacturer.

The market offers a variety of wall oven features, configurations and heating systems making it difficult for some people to choose the right one to match their kitchen and cooking needs.

Heating Systems

Whirlpool Thermal Oven Interior Detail Photo

Thermal Ovens

Thermal ovens, also referred to as conventional ovens, features the classic thermal baking system. This cooks food via a bake element at the bottom and a broil element at the top.

Whirlpool Convection Oven Interior Detail Photo

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens offer owners the power of either convection or thermal heat. Owners have the control to decide which to use based on what they want to bake or broil and how. This system uses fans to evenly distribute heat throughout the oven cavity. The result is reduced cooking time and more even baking.

Fan and True Convection Oven Interior Photo with Cookies Baking

There Are Two Types of Convection

Fan Convection systems employ the use of a fan to evenly distribute heat through the oven cavity, so you can enjoy more uniform temperatures compared to traditional thermal cooking. Whirlpool does not offer wall ovens with fan convection.

True Convection introduces an additional heating element behind a fan. This third heating element produces a consistent temperature and achieves even cooking by ensuring that warm air is distributed throughout the oven.

It’s important to note that the majority of cooking instructions and recipes consider only thermal (conventional) ovens. Certain models are programmed to make the conversion whereas others require the use of additional online resources.


Whirlpool Double Wall Oven Configuration Example

Double Wall Ovens

Double wall ovens come with two ovens and a single control panel. They offer increased flexibility with separate upper and lower ovens, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at the same time at different temperatures. Additionally, they are available with either convection or thermal baking systems.

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Whirlpool Single Wall Oven Configuration Example

Single Wall Ovens

If your cooking needs generally require one oven, you should consider single wall ovens. These are available in either convection or thermal baking systems.

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Whirlpool Combined Wall Oven Configuration Example

Combination Wall Ovens

Combination wall ovens are configured in a stacked suite, comprised of a microwave and a convection or thermal oven and a single control panel. One potential benefit of this suite is that the microwave can sometimes double as an extra convection oven.

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Whirlpool Built-In Wall Oven With Roast and Vegetables Cooking Inside

Kitchens come in different sizes and wall ovens require a perfect fit. There are wall ovens in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Wall ovens commonly come in 27” and 30” wide dimensions. Certain lines have 24” width options for smaller kitchens. Height is usually based on the configuration and brand type: singles are often around 29” high, doubles 51”high, and combinations 42” high. The depth of all units is approximately 23”.

Always check the manufacturer’s specifications for precise measurements as they may vary.

Wall Oven Installation & Integration

Whirlpool Wall Oven Installation Interior Example

Certain types of wall ovens can be installed flush. Others protrude roughly 1”, known as proud installation. Often, a flush wall oven needs more depth than that which is usually provided by standard cabinetry. There are brands that may need a flush installation kit. It’s recommended to thoroughly review the installation and dimension guides prior to installation.

Some wall ovens help you save space by having the option to be installed under cooktops. You will want to consult with your manufacturer that the configuration you have is compatible with this type of installation.

Ensure that you or your tradesperson tasked with installing your wall oven review and follow the instructions in the installation guide. This is imperative to understand the electrical requirements, the parts required for assembly and installation and cabinetry cutout dimensions.

Whirlpool Double Built-In Ovens and Cooktop Installation Example

Whirlpool offers a FIT Guarantee that helps ensure your new 27” (68.58 cm) or 30” (76.2 cm) Whirlpool wall oven fits into your existing space*. With the FIT system, your wall oven can fit seamlessly into your current cabinet cutout with its flexible installation system. If your new wall oven doesn’t fit, Whirlpool will pay up to $300* toward cabinet modification. Now replacing your wall oven just got easier.

*Time limited offer. Offer subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. FIT system limited guarantee


Whirlpool Built-In Wall Oven Manual or Standard Clean

Manual or Standard Clean

Cleaning by hand is required for manual or standard ovens. Using cleaning agents might be necessary for the purpose of stain removal. Carefully follow the appliance and product use and care instructions prior to cleaning as it is your best source of information and directions.

Whirlpool Built-In Self-Clean Wall Oven


Self-clean ovens are equipped with features that contribute to the oven cleaning process. Features can include a high-heat self-clean option that locks the door and heats the oven cavity to around 800 °F (400°C). This incinerates any spills or food. Afterward, you must wipe out any remaining food particles. This can take up to six hours.

Built-In Steam Clean Wall Oven

Steam Clean

Steam clean is an option available in certain wall ovens. This utilizes high-heat self-clean in addition to low heat and the introduction of water to create steam. This helps release residue in a shorter cycle. Any remaining residue and water needs to be cleaned by hand, possibly with the use of chemical cleaners.

Whirlpool does not offer wall ovens with Steam Clean option.


Whirlpool Wall Oven Stainless Steel Finish Example

Choose a finish to suit your style

Wall ovens come in a variety of finishes, including but not limited to black, white and stainless steel. Style of handles range from contemporary to traditional. These varieties give owners ample opportunities to match their kitchen design preferences.

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