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Double Ovens: Pros and Cons

The right double wall oven or double range oven can make cooking the meals your family loves more efficient and flexible. This guide will help you decide if double ovens are the right choice for you.

How does a double oven work?

There are two separate compartments in a double oven that are adjustable for different temperatures, time and other settings, such as convection cooking. Double oven ranges combine a stovetop with two ovens: usually a smaller oven on top and a larger oven below.  When it comes to double wall ovens, the ovens are also stacked vertically. 

Depending on your needs, Whirlpool offers a variety of double wall ovens and double oven ranges with features that help you streamline meal prep.

A modern kitchen featuring various Whirlpool appliances A modern kitchen featuring various Whirlpool appliances

Is a double oven better than a single oven?

Double oven: pros and cons
Double ovens can provide extra flexibility for meal preparation. To determine if it’s the right choice for you, you need to take into account your cooking routines and kitchen space when comparing a double oven rangedouble wall oven, or a more traditional single oven range. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:

Advantages of double ovens
Two separate ovens allow for use multiple oven functions at once

  • The temperature of two dishes can be set at different levels at the same time.
  • Use different cooking techniques such as broiling and toasting to prepare multiple dishes.
  • With convection settings, you can roast meats in one compartment and toast bread in the other.
  • Bake dishes in the bottom oven while keeping food warm in the top oven.

Using a double oven with convection settings can allow you to achieve different cooking techniques for multiple dishes at once if you need. Select Whirlpool® ovens including double oven ranges and wall ovens feature True Convection using a third element and fan to distribute hot air evenly around food.

A kitchen featuring various black Whirlpool appliances A kitchen featuring various black Whirlpool appliances

The capacity you need 

  • Some double oven ranges and wall ovens offer 2 different sizes of ovens.  This allows you to use the size of oven you need for each dish.  Using a smaller oven for smaller dishes can often lead to faster pre-heat times and less wasted energy as you are only warming the air you need.  
  • Double wall ovens offer increased capacity from a single oven which is useful when cooking for large groups.  Typically double oven ranges do not offer more capacity, just flexibility - allowing you to cook multiple dishes with different settings at once. 
Disadvantages of double ovens


  • Due to their size, moving from a single wall oven to a double wall ovens may require some remodeling to install in cabinets.  Learn more about wall oven sizes to find the right fit for your space.
  • Most double oven ranges, however, are available in standard range sizes for easy upgrade.

Features and setup

  • Double oven ranges may not have a separate broiler or storage drawer in order to maximize oven capacity. Learn more about broilers to see if this is a feature you’d miss.
  • Double oven ranges usually have a lower bottom oven, which may make it more difficult to open, close, or load dishes for some.
  • Some double oven ranges eliminate the bottom storage drawer in favor of a larger bottom oven.


  • The price of double wall ovens and double oven ranges tend to be higher than those of their single oven counterparts. However, double ovens may be worth the extra expense if you intend to cook large family meals or dishes with different cooking requirements.

What are the best ways to use a double oven?

When you cook multiple dishes at once in a double oven, you can maximize the efficiency of your time and energy. While a single oven can hold multiple dishes as well, it can become difficult to find the perfect temperature, timing and setting for each recipe. 

In a double oven, meats can be cooked at 450°F with convection active and a delicate custard can be cooked at a much lower temperature without convection in the other compartment.

An oven door is open featuring food items inside An oven door is open featuring food items inside

When cooking multiple batches of the same recipe, such as cookies for a bake sale, a double oven is also useful. With its staggered start and finish times, you can constantly cycle through batches. Load and unload batches in each oven at the right time without disturbing the other compartment's temperature.

Will a double oven range fit in a single oven space?

Most double oven ranges can fit in single oven range spaces since they are available in standard range sizes. Always be sure to refer to the dimension and installation guide provided by the manufacturer to be sure your oven will fit.

A modern kitchen featuring various stainless steel appliances A modern kitchen featuring various stainless steel appliances

Do double ovens accommodate larger items like turkeys?

In most double ovens, a 15 to 20 pound turkey can be accommodated. So unless you are a welterweight champion, you shouldn't worry about cooking Thanksgiving dinner in your double oven range or wall oven.

Food is seen inside of a black double oven Food is seen inside of a black double oven

In general, double ovens are 24–36 inches wide, so you can fit the same wide trays, pans, and other dishes as you would with a single oven. There may be a shorter compartment size on double oven ranges compared to single ovens, but most dishes will still fit in either compartment, with tall items better suited to the bottom oven.

Double ovens: are they worth the investment?

The double oven can be useful if your family loves meals with all the sides plus dessert. When cooking dishes with different cooking requirements, use the separate compartments to keep them warm while you finish cooking the others. You can cook a one-pan dinner with just the smaller oven compartment on a double oven range if you have a busy evening. You can use a double oven for extra capacity and for school events, neighborhood gatherings, and holiday gatherings. The decision ultimately depends on your lifestyle if you want to use a double oven for extra capacity.

Food is seen inside of a Whirlpool double oven Food is seen inside of a Whirlpool double oven

Shop double wall ovens and double oven ranges

After learning a little more about double wall ovens and double range ovens, you might have decided that one is the right choice for your family. Click below to explore a variety of options from Whirlpool®.

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