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What Makes a Dishwasher Quiet

Cooking should be about creating memorable meals that show how much you care for your loved ones, not cleaning up the mess afterward. A quiet dishwasher helps make cleaning up after any meal an afterthought. All you have to do is start your dishwasher and go back to enjoying quality time with friends and family. 

Luckily, due to some recent design innovations made to dishwashers, several current models can operate relatively quietly. 

To help, here are a few things to look for when shopping for a new dishwasher.


The noise level of dishwashers is measured in dBA, which stands for “A-weighted decibels”. This measures how loud noise sounds to the human ear. 

It’s important to understand that the decibel level of a quiet dishwasher can rate as low as 38 dBA, but any model with a decibel level of 44 dBA or lower is still generally considered to be quiet.

Une mère tend une assiette à son enfant dans une cuisine. Un lave-vaisselle Whirlpool est ouvert et le panier inférieur est sorti. Sur le panier se trouvent une assiette, des couverts et des ustensiles. Dans la cuisine, on trouve un réfrigérateur Whirlpool, un four Whirlpool avec un four à micro-ondes Whirlpool, un évier, une table avec trois chaises et divers objets sur le comptoir


Multiple mechanical and structural factors contribute to reducing the noise output in modern dishwashers.

These include:

  • Models with food disposals will produce more noise than those without. Many available dishwashers use a food trap system that is easy to clean and results in quieter operation.
  • Tub materials can make a difference as a dishwasher with a stainless steel tub tends to be quieter than models featuring plastic tubs. Additionally, noise can be effectively decreased via sound dampening on the outside of the tub.
  • Water Movement can make a lot of noise as water is pumped into the appliance and cycled through before being pumped out again. Many dishwasher manufacturers have been working on solutions to effectively minimize these sounds by innovating pump systems, wash cycles and how much speed and force is used to spray water.
  • The amount and quality of insulation around the outside of the appliance can affect noise output. 

Whirlpool® does not offer any dishwashers with food disposals.

Here are some of the impressive features available on select Whirpool® dishwashers.

A kitchen with a Whirlpool dishwasher surrounded by green cabinets with gold handles. On the counter are a cutting board, a ceramic container, a soap dispenser, a plant and three plastic containers

Quiet Operation
At 41 dBA, this is the quietest Whirlpool® dishwasher on the market. It quietly and efficiently handles cleaning up after a meal so you can converse comfortably with your loved ones.

The top rack of a Whirlpool dishwasher during a wash cycle. On the rack are bowls, mugs, cutlery and some kitchen utensils like a whisk

3rd Rack With Extra Wash Action
This feature provides targeted cleaning for items you would normally place in the lower rack like bowls and utensils. This allows you to enjoy extra space for whatever else you need to wash.

Someone adjusts the positioning of a rack in a Whirlpool dishwasher. On the rack are a large ceramic bowl, plates, pink compartmentalized plates for kids and glasses

Adjustable 2nd Rack
Create room for a blender jar or baking pan with adjusters that lower or raise the 2nd rack.

After creating a big family meal or hosting a multicourse dinner party, you should get to sit back and enjoy a peaceful evening that isn’t disrupted by a loud dishwasher. Now due to advancements in both design and features, your next dishwasher can operate quietly and optimally.

Our Dishwasher Buying Guide can help you make an informed decision and find the dishwasher that’s ideal for your kitchen.

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