Whether you have a front-load washing machine or top-load washing machine, cleaning your washer regularly is essential to ensuring that your family's clothes remain fresh and clean.

So how do to keep a clean washing machine? Repeat the following steps every thirty days to prevent soils and detergent from building up in your washer.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Step 1: Clean washer with affresh® tablets

Step 2: Clean washing machine dispensers

Step 3: Clean in and around door

Step 4: Clean outside of washer

Step 5: Keep fresh between cleanings

Step 1: Clean washer with affresh® tablets

  • Remove any items left in the tub.
  • Add an affresh® Washing Machine Cleaner tablet to the bottom of the tub to break up dirt and residue. If you don’t have affresh® tablets you may be able to use liquid chlorine bleach, but check your use and care guide first.
  • Close the door and select your washer's cleaning cycle or a normal cycle with hot water setting.
  • For top load washers, run a rinse and spin cycle to clear away any excess cleansers after your cleaning cycle ends. 
  • Leave your washer door open to let the tub dry.
A Whirlpool® washing machine dispenser

Step 2: Clean washing machine dispensers

  • Your washer may or may not have a dispenser drawer. If it does, it needs to be cleaned every thirty days.
  • Pull out the dispenser drawer until you feel resistance. Depending on your washer, the drawer may or may not be completely removable. Note that dispensers are not dishwasher safe.
  • Use a machine cleaning wipe to wipe down all surfaces. If you don't have wipes, use a damp cloth or an all-purpose cleaner as needed. Finish by towel drying your dispenser.
How to clean washer door

Step 3: Clean in and around the door

  • Remove any clothing or items from the washer.
  • On top and front load washers, open the washer door or lid and wipe down the inside glass or metal with machine cleaning wipes.
  • On front load washers, use the textured side of the wipe to clean the inside and outside of the rubber door seal. You can also clean with a damp cloth.

Step 4: Clean the outside of washer

  • Clean residues, dirt and dust from your machine's surface with an all-purpose wipe. 
  • You can also use a soft, damp cloth or sponge to wipe away any spills, but be sure to use only mild soaps or cleaners when cleaning outside surfaces.
A Whirlpool® top load washing machine

Step 5: Keep fresh between cleanings

  • If you normally wash with cold water, run a cycle with warm or hot water occasionally to help slow down soil and detergent buildup.
  • Leave your washer's door or lid open between washes to dry out the inside and help prevent odours.

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