A hamper door offers convenience and helps make loading and unloading laundry easy, efficient and less of a chore. Take a deep dive into their benefits or start browsing Whirlpool® dryers with hamper doors.

Unloading clothes from a Whirlpool dryer.

Keep your clean clothes off the floor

Hamper doors are sturdy and versatile, helping keep your clean clothes off the floor.

Laundry Room

Install on either side of your washer

Dryers with hamper doors can be installed regardless of whether they’re situated to the right or to the left of your washer.

Whirlpool dryer with hamper door.

Convenient folding surface

Enjoy a useful surface for folding your freshly cleaned clothes right away with ease.

Unloading clothes from a Whirlpool dryer.

Two positions for easy loading

Some dryers allow you to position the latch-free door in one of two ways to load your laundry without a sweat.

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