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What is a 2 in 1 Washer Dryer and How Does it Work?

Looking for a compact and space-saving solution for a small laundry area, closet or condo? Check out washer and dryer combos.

This article will introduce you to everything you need to know about these convenient laundry appliances, including how they work, what features may be available and their benefits.

What Is a Washer Dryer Combo?

Also referred to as all-in-one washer dryer combinations, this single unit laundry appliance is capable of performing both washing and drying functions. These washer dryer combinations typically feature a smaller capacity than conventional individual washers and dryers, somewhere in the range of 1.5-5 cubic feet of interior space.


To compare:

On average, the capacity size of a full-size front load washer is 5 to 5.8 cubic feet.

On average, the capacity size of a dryer is 7 to 7.4 cubic feet.


Remember, a full wash/dry cycle may take longer than it would with a separate washer and dryer, averaging anywhere from 3 hours to 8-10 hours.

Cycle times are dependent on:

1) What you are washing

2) What cycle(s) you use

3) What dryness level you select

4) Load size

Take your household’s laundry needs into consideration when deciding if you want a washer dryer combo. More specifically, think about space, household size and laundry frequency.

How Does a Washer and Dryer Combo Work?

All in one washer dryers are usually ventless.

Here is how they work:

1) Hot air gets recycled.

2) A heater and a fan work together to move the hot air through the drum. Moisture evaporates from clothes and condenses on the tub.

3) This water gets drained to the bottom before being pumped out.

Recycles hot air

Dries clothes

How it Works

Drains water

Installing a washer and dryer combo requires a power supply, water hookup and drain.

How Well Do Washer Dryer Combos Work?

Here are some of the benefits that owners of an all in one washer dryer can enjoy. Please note that some of these benefits depend on the brand and model you purchase.

Space Saving

A good option for condos, apartments or small spaces like bathrooms or closets. Offers flexibility because they are usually ventless and don’t require an outside/external venting connection to work.


Compact Design

You can pair with a laundry pedestal for extra height and additional storage space.



Do laundry in less steps compared to using a separate washer and dryer. No more having to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. Can run overnight.


Washer dryer combos can be installed virtually anywhere.

Available Features

Many of these features are available in most all in ones. A good approach is to choose the features that can help you tackle your everyday laundry needs.

Multiple wash and dry cycles

Multiple wash and dry cycles

including sanitize cycles, use extra-hot drying temperatures or water temperatures to eliminate a many common household bacteria.

Wrinkle prevention cycles

Wrinkle Prevention Cycles

periodically tumble the load at the end of the dry cycle (often without having to add heat) to help prevent wrinkles from setting into clothing.
Automatic detergent dispenser

Automatic detergent

and fabric softener dispensing can help save you time. It automatically calculates how much detergent is needed so you know exactly how much to add.
Steam Cycles

Steam Cycles

use water and heat to release wrinkles without having to rewash items. Also, it can help eliminate odours and remove lighter stains.

Load sensors

Load Sensors

can sense the size of the load and determine which settings you should proceed with.
Smart features

Smart Features

let you connect your laundry appliance through smart devices like phones and tablets. You can monitor the stage of the cycle even when you’re out.

Now that you know more about washer dryer combos, you have to decide if they are right for your laundry space and needs. If you are dealing with limited space or are interested in converting a closet into a laundry room then this might be the right option for you.

Washer Dryer Combo

Interested in an all in one washer and dryer?

  • Do away with having to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. 
  • Enjoy innovative features like the Load & Go™ dispenser and Automatic Lint removal that let you avoid some of the traditional laundry steps.
  • Intuitive controls let the washer determine the right cycle combinations. Customize up to 22 of your own cycle combinations so that you get the right type of fabric care for your specific load.

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