You’ve probably seen the “Permanent Press” label on a wide range of clothes, as well as on your washer and dryer. But what does it mean? How do you wash and dry clothes using the permanent press cycles, and can you use these settings for everything? If you’re looking for more information on permanent press, our guide can help you learn about the benefits of this special cycle.

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What does permanent press mean?

Permanent press refers to clothes that can remain minimally wrinkled if you wash and dry them properly. Permanent press clothes are often made of synthetic fibers or specially treated to guard against wrinkles.

What is a permanent press cycle on my washer or dryer?

A permanent press cycle refers to either a washer or dryer cycle that can help remove or reduce wrinkles. On Whirlpool front load washers and dryers, the permanent press cycle is denoted as the “casual” or “wrinkle control” cycle. This washer cycle uses warm water and slower spin cycles to release existing wrinkles, while the dryer cycle uses medium heat and a cool down period to keep clothes from wrinkling or creasing.

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What are the benefits of using permanent press cycles?

In addition to synthetic fabrics, you can use permanent press to wash and dry natural fibers that wrinkle easily. Permanent press settings are gentler on clothes – some dryers switch from warm air to room temperature air towards the end of the cycle, putting  less stress on clothing fibers.


While permanent press can be used on a wide range of clothes, this setting is not recommended as a substitute for a delicate wash. Use the delicate cycle for any clothing  labeled “delicate.”

How should you use a permanent press cycle?

Sort your clothing based on fabric, colour, and care instructions. Place your permanent press clothes into your washing machine and load your favorite detergent. Select the permanent press setting, then remove your clothes promptly once the cycle is complete. Leaving your clothes in the washing machine for too long between washing and drying cycles allows them to compress in a damp environment - perfect for setting wrinkles.

When the wash cycle is over, place your clothes in the dryer and again select the permanent press cycle. Double check the labels – if your items are “non-wrinkle,” remove them from the dryer while they are still damp and hang them up to air dry. Permanent press clothes can stay in the dryer until the cycle is complete. Once finished, remove your clothes and hang them promptly. This will help keep them from wrinkling.


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