Smart washing machine with Whirlpool app

Why choose a smart washer and dryer?

A smart approach to laundry day

When the hampers never seem to stop filling up, smart appliances can help make clothing care less of a chore. Read on to learn how connected laundry technology helps you manage laundry day, your way.  


Specialty cycles on smart washer touchscreen

Get the right clean for every load with a smart washer

If you've looked at your smart washer's cycle selections and haven't quite found the right option to wash a new piece of clothing, consider a smart washer to help make the decision easier. Most smart laundry appliances offer downloadable specialty cycles, which unlock the full cleaning potential of your smart washing machine by giving you just the right settings for every item.

Whirlpool Smart Tip:
The Whirlpool® app lets you choose from cycles designed for everything from swimwear to sleeping bags.



Smartphone with Whirlpool® app

Fit laundry around your schedule with smart appliances

Keep clothes fresh without having to wait around the laundry room. Smart washers and dryers let you schedule cycles to be ready when you are, track progress right from your phone and get alerts when clothes are done.1 Now you can stay connected, whether you’re out in the garage or out to dinner. Learn more about remote control with a Whirlpool® smart washer.

Whirlpool Smart Tip:
Whirlpool® smart dryers provide a helping hand when connected with your Nest Learning Thermostat®.1 Your Whirlpool® dryer learns when you’re away and turns on the Wrinkle Shield option to continue tumbling until you’re ready to unload.



Load and Go dispenser filling with detergent

Always have laundry supplies on hand with a smart washer and dryer

Ever loaded your clothes and realized you’re out of detergent? Smart appliances help you stay a step ahead without even having to think about it. For example, smart washing machines with Amazon Dash Replenishment keep track of how much detergent they use and automatically reorder so you always have what you need.2

Whirlpool Smart Tip:
Create a fully connected home by choosing appliances that work with your other smart home devices. Whirlpool® smart washers and dryers are compatible with your Apple Watch, the Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices.3



Remote diagnostics for smart washers and dryers

Get maintenance and service alerts with smart appliances

One of the greatest benefits of smart laundry pairs is their ability to communicate with you about routine maintenance status. For example, Whirlpool® smart washers and dryers send data from the appliance directly to customer support for efficient diagnostics if a service call is needed. Some models even provide troubleshooting tips and tricks so you can handle quick fixes on your own to potentially save a service appointment.2



Whirlpool Smart Washer and Whirlpool Smart Dryer

Find your new Whirlpool® Smart Washer and Dryer

Find a better way to wash and dry with a smart pair that works together to keep laundry day moving. Choose settings once to wash a load, and the dryer will automatically match. Stay in control and connected from anywhere by touch, app1 and voice with a compatible voice-enabled device.3




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