The control you crave

Meet the industry's first induction double oven freestanding range.1 Designed with innovative features to sense and adapt while cooking,the new Whirlpool® double oven range featuring AccuHeat™ induction technology lets you prepare meals with less time, less energy and more precision.2 Making even your most complicated recipes simple.

1 Among conventional double oven ranges with dual bake and broil elements.
2 Compared to conventional electric radiant cooktops.

Double Oven Range Features


Cut cook time

Using a process called induction, advanced Accuheat
technology heats induction-friendly cookware faster, bringing
6 liters of water to a boil in 50% less time.3 So you can spend
less time cooking dinner and more time enjoying it.

3 Based on boiling 6 liters of water with 11" 3700-watt induction elements vs. 12,500-BTU gas burner.

Lock in flavor

Serve up mouthwatering roasts with the TimeSavor
convection cooking system. A powerful rear fan evenly
circulates hot air around your food to seal in juices for
just the right taste, every time.


Bake to perfection

Consistent baking has never been easier. The AccuBake®
temperature management system uses a built-in sensor to
monitor oven temperature and control heating elements.
This ensures balanced heat throughout and cooking results
you can count on.

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