Our New French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Finding what's important, that’s caring. That's why we made our new refrigerator with pantry-inspired shelving the easiest to organize in the industry.¹ Explore the features that make this award-winning fridge the perfect choice for your food and your family.

1 Among leading french door bottom mount refrigerator brands.

French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator Features


Easiest to Organize1

American families throw out approximately 25% of the food they buy. But proper food storage and better visibility in the refrigerator can help cut down on that waste. That’s why we created the PerfectPlaces™ system, with nine distinct, flexible storage zones that ensure you can fit and find it all.

1 Among leading french door bottom mount refrigerator brands.

Store 20% More

Never worry about fitting all your groceries with our new pantry-inspired layout that stores 20% more food with the most shelf space, the most gallon door bins and the biggest crisper bin in the industry.1

1 Among leading french door bottom mount refrigerator brands.



Optimal Food Storage

Keeping your food in the right conditions can help your family prevent food waste. That’s why our StoreRight system senses conditions inside the fridge and freezer and automatically adapts humidity levels to store your food items in the ideal climate.

A 40% Brighter Interior2

It's hard to keep track of food you can’t see. That's why we created the EasyView system with panoramic LED lighting and underlit shelving that makes our interior 40% brighter.

2 Model WRF995FIF; Compared to models WRF992FIF and WRF993FIF without underlit shelves.

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Connect From Anywhere

You and your family are always on the go. That’s why our innovative Whirlpool® app lets you connect with your fridge from your mobile device.

  • Allows you to change temperatures and settings
  • Notifies you of power loss at home
  • Reminds you to replace filters
  • Lets you activate “Fast Ice” and “Fast Cool” modes