The difference between standard refrigerator depth and counter-depth fridge dimensions.

Finding the right fit

Counter-depth refrigerators, as the name implies, are designed to match the depth of your countertops, sitting virtually flush with your kitchen cabinets.


Most counter-depth refrigerators are about 24–25 inches in depth, topping out at around 30 inches. By contrast, standard refrigerator depth can be as much as 36 inches. However, when you factor in doors, handles and knobs, there can be a significant variation in that measurement.


Plus, to make up for a shallower depth, counter-depth refrigerator dimensions tend to be slightly wider (around 36 inches) and taller than standard-depth. That's why it's crucial to carefully measure your space and find a model that fits.      

Understand counter-depth refrigerator dimensions to choose the perfect appliance for your kitchen.

Measure it twice

If you’re looking to add a counter-depth refrigerator to your new kitchen, you’ll need to pay close attention to not only the depth, but the width of your planned cabinet cutout. Alternatively, you could place your refrigerator at the end of a row of cabinets, so if it’s a little wider it won’t cause fit issues.

If you’re replacing a standard-depth refrigerator with a counter-depth model, make sure your existing cabinet cutout can accommodate any extra width. You might be a bit more space constrained — unless you’re ready to remodel your kitchen’s layout. And always take note of the “door open” and “with handle” dimensions to ensure that the refrigerator is flush or nearly flush with your countertops.

Just like you tell the kids to check their homework once, then twice... measure once, then measure it again.

Counter-depth refrigerators to keep your kitchen inviting

With a depth of 27 inches, this model has a 36-inch width and a height of about 70 inches. 

With a 71-inch height, 36-inch width and 29-inch depth, this model brings robust capacity.

At 24 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 76 inches tall, this slim, urban model is ideal for small spaces.  

Find your new Whirlpool® refrigerator

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