Whirlpool ventless dryer in a small closet

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What are Ventless Dryers? | Everything You Need to Know

What is a Ventless Dryer?

Ventless dryers may be a great choice if your home is not equipped for a vented dryer installation. A ventless dryer collects moisture from the clothes by continuously rotating the dryer drum, and then condenses the moisture in a heat exchanger later in the process.

In comparison, vented machines push hot, humid air outside through a vent.

Ventless Dryers: The Different Options

Ventless dryers come in two types: heat pump dryers and condensing dryers.

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Condensing dryers

A condensing dryer operates by passing ambient air through the condenser and heating it via an element. In the next phase, heated air is pumped into the drum, which helps evaporate the moisture in the wet laundry.  By looping the air through a condenser, the dryer cools the air instead of venting it. Once it has been cooled, it is reheated to start the process over. The evaporated water is then emptied out of the machine through a drain hose.   

Whirlpool currently offers a hybrid heat pump dryer that has an additional 1,300 watt heating element that can be engaged to reduce cycle times when needed.  

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Heat Pump Dryers

These dryers can be heated and cooled with a refrigerant system. The refrigeration system cools the air coming out of the drum and captures water vapour. Afterward, the system heats up the air and recirculates it. With the help of a drain hose, the captured water can be drained or accumulated into a water tank in the dryer. 

Managing Condensed Water

Though ventless dryers use different methods, condensed water is collected in both. Some vented dryers have a container that needs to be emptied after every cycle.  

Several models come with standard drain options, while others let you drain directly through a hose. It is important to decide which type of ventless dryer will work best for your family before purchasing.

A ventless all-in-one washer and dryer is exactly what it sounds like - a machine that combines the functions of a washing machine and dryer. Just load your clothes and set your settings; this appliance will go through a washing cycle, then transition into a drying cycle using ventless technology. 

Families who live in studio apartments or homes with a small space will appreciate the compact size of ventless washer dryer combos.

Whirlpool ventless dryer in small closet Whirlpool ventless dryer in small closet

Would a Ventless Dryer Be Better for My Family?

For those who live in apartments without dryer vents or who have a very small laundry room, it may be challenging to find a dryer that will suit their needs. 

Ventless dryers have become extremely popular in Europe, leading to a growing interest in ventless washer dryer combos in North America due to their space-saving characteristics. 

Small family homes may benefit from ventless dryers since they use less energy and take up less space.

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