Laundry pairs to take on the mess

We get it. Your ideal family day doesn’t take place in the laundry room. But the clothes just keep piling up anyway. With Whirlpool® top load washers and dryers that offer plenty of capacity to wash more in a single load, you can stay on top of the rapidly filling hamper — and give every fabric customized cleaning. We'll help keep laundry day on track, so you can spend more time making messes instead of cleaning them up.

Top load washing machine and specialty cycles give you customized care

Top features for a clean that fits your family



Pretreat stains before they set

Now you can pre-wash clothes, like post-game soccer jerseys and those pants that took a PB&J smear, right in the washer. The built-in water faucet’s instant water stream lets you remove loose soils with less hassle and pretreat stains before they set in. 


Take the guesswork out of washing machine water usage

The whole family’s laundry, from your distressed jeans to the kids’ beloved blankies, will get improved cleaning and gentler care without extra work for you, thanks to Adaptive Wash technology and Active Bloom™ wash action.With a washing machine water level sensor that adapts water usage and wash action based on each load, you don't have to give washing machine water usage a second thought, and you'll get extra help keeping clothes from fading.

Washer Dryer Set


Help prevent overdrying

At some point, everyone’s made the mistake of overdrying their clothes — and shrinking their favorite dress to the size of a t-shirt. That’s where we come in. Advanced Moisture Sensing adapts cycle times to end right when clothes are dry. Three built-in sensors track each load’s moisture and temperature levels to adapt drying times, so you’re not left waiting around. Or making multiple trips to the laundry room. Or trying to squeeze into a too-little black dress.


Washer Dryer Set

Take the guesswork out of laundry day

Do all the ways to wash and dry have your head spinning? With Intuitive Touch Controls, you can select the right settings for every load or even create your own customized cycles. Just tell it “What to Wash” and “How to Wash,” and get the right fabric care for whatever you’re washing — from comforters that need a deep clean to those colorful PJs that you want to keep bright. 

Find your Whirlpool® top load laundry set

The convenient features on Whirlpool® top load washers and dryers mean your family will be looking their best with less work from you. Shop all top load laundry innovations, or read more about ways to take on laundry day in the articles below.  

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Find the top load washing machine style that’s right for you.

Agitator washers vs. impeller washers: What’s the difference?

Agitators and impellers are both found in top-loading washing machines, but they move, and clean clothes, in two distinct ways.

What capacity is right to keep up with your laundry?

Whirlpool® large capacity washers

The daily mountain of laundry is daunting. We’ll help you find a big washer to take on the big loads — and empty the hamper.

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1. Compared to our pre-2009 agitator washer.